10 Simple Ways to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Small space is indeed really tricky to design which is why when people do not know the proper way to design a narrow space, it becomes really uncomfortable and you feel like you want to run away from the space immediately. When designing a narrow space, you need to be smart and wise since you do not want to be bothered with the space every time you go home. You can actually create an illusion that the space that you have is bigger than it actually is by applying simple ways to have larger spaces.

Use Light Colors

You may never realize that the color of wall is actually really important, especially for narrow spaces. The color that you choose for your wall can help to create an illusion of larger space. The perfect choice of color for small space is light color because it makes the room feels open and light. There will be various choices of light colors, but it will be best if you design the color with white, light blue or light gray because not only that it will make your space seems bigger but it also has impacts for your eyes which is calming.

Tips Tiny Bedroom Decoration
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Remove Any Clutter in The Space

Another way to make your space larger is to remove any clutter in the space. It seems unavoidable or impossible if a house does not have any clutter because whether it is paper clutter or plastic clutter, they must exists in a house especially in the corner of the space. This will be a problem for small homes because every space is important and needed to be maximized, so if you have any clutter in the house, you need to remove them right away. In small space, you need to remove everything that is not needed in the room. In addition, once you move every cutter that you have, the space will feel larger immediately.

Low Clutter for Small Family Room
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Maximize Natural Light

The next thing that you can do to have larger space is to maximize natural light. When you use natural light to brighten the room, the space will appear larger to the eyes. If you do not believe it, try to create doors with windows so that the light from the sun will immediately push through the house. Natural light brings different dim to the space; hence it creates an illusion of a bigger space. In short, if you would like to have to make small space larger, you can apply several simple ways above and feel the difference quickly.

Tiny Sunroom Ideas
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Large Mirrors

Placing large mirrors in strategic spots so that they reflect maximum space.

Tips Small Living Room Decor with Large Mirror
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Hang Your Curtain Rod Closes to The Ceiling

This is draws your eyes up which psychologically makes a small room feel larger.

Curtains Color Ideas for Small Room
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Less is More

It is best to avoid unnecessary details, keeping furniture and wall decor to a minimum.

Stunning IKEA Small Bedroom Design Inspiration
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Metallic Home Accessories

Metallic accessories reflect light and create an illusion of more space.

Metallic Home Decor for Small Spaces
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Think Big

A large map, sign or big piece of art can be a central focus in the room and make small space feel bigger.

Large Wall Art Decor for Small Spaces
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Use Sliding Doors to Increase The Sense of Space

Interior Sliding Doors Make Small Spaces Look Bigger
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Use Multi-functional Furniture

Add multipurpose furniture, like Ottoman coffee table with storage.

This will help you cut clutter, eliminate stuff and make a small space larger.

Multi-functional Ottoman Coffee Table with Storage for Small Spaces
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