10 Small Home Design 2017: Innovative Solution for Future

Long time ago, may be five decade before this year, people would say the future home is bigger than now. It may be like a palace. The small home design 2017 might never predicted. But, during the years, that prediction was wrong. It is true that the prediction will go right. But in recent years, the tendency of decreasing of home size is clearly appear. Even, some architects say that tomorrow home will get tinier. According to data found in the internet, it is started since 2007 and still run until now. Small home design also comes to next year.

In line with the increase of population in many countries, number of home, as the primary need, is increase too. To anticipate this phenomenon, government as the rule maker needs to make policies. One of the policies is small home. We will see the increase of small home design in many countries. Smaller home is not too much influence to abrogate some functional rooms inside the home actually. We need just to make them size smaller. It means every room inside the home must be functional.

In some small house I ever see, they have not living room and family room in different space. Instead, they group them (living and family room) with kitchen and dining room too. It is famously called by open floor plan interior. In the future, small house design ideas should become the most popular home in the world. With small terrace and yard, small home design will not too much using the space, but it is still comfortable.

800 sq ft Small Home Design Ideas

Today, some architect build much of ‘vertical home’ called apartment. Modern apartment has same interior design with the small house. It has no spacious rooms. They connect living room and family room with kitchen and dining room in one open space. It’s just like small home design 2017. That is the home we have already seen and will continuously increase.

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