31 Easy-Peasy Tips For Small Space Living

Everyone has a dream to have a big house with pool and huge gardens, but if you prefer to have a small home, don’t worry about cannot have everything, because there are several tips that you can have for small homes. When you have a small home, you need to maximize the space that you have and be wise and smart in choosing the furniture. It is a bit tricky to design small house because you need to make sure that everything is functional and every furniture that you buy is needed not wanted. Creativity is needed when you have a small home.

1. Corner Bookshelves

Corner Shelving

The first tips that you can apply for small home is, function the corner. Every house has a corner; nevertheless, it is usually used for nothing or it is left empty, if you have a small house, you cannot leave a space empty, for example like this corner. You can function the corners of your small homes that are available in your house as bookshelves. You can put several book rests and put the books there. If you do not want to have book rest, you can turn your corner into a wall of display. Put the things that are memorable to you in the display and whenever you pass by the corner, you can see the beautiful displays which will take you back in time.

2. Large Mirrors

Add Large Mirrors

Another tip for small house is, put a large mirror. Why put a huge mirror? Because mirrors can create illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. Mirror can create more light and transform a room within seconds. This is great way to decorate small homes. You can choose mirrors with unique design; therefore, it will be good ornaments for your house. Putting drawers under the bed can also be a great tip for small houses. The space under bed is usually left behind or empty but you can turn the space into storage of the things by putting the drawers under the bed.You can put a lot of things there, such as cloths, books and others. This way you will maximize the space perfectly.

3. Between The Studs

3. Between The Studs

4. Small Space Dining

4. Small Space Dining

5. Behing-Door Towel Rods

5. Behing-Door Towel Rods

6. Ceiling Shelves

6. Ceiling Shelves

7. Ottoman Bed

7. Ottoman Bed

8. Above-Door Shelf

8. Above-Door Shelf

9. Sliding Walls

9. Sliding Walls

10. Put Your Pantry on Display

10. Put your pantry on display

11. Under-Stairs Conversion

11. Under-Stairs Conversion

12. Over-Cabinet Basket

12. Over-Cabinet Basket

13. Closet Space For Furniture

13. Closet Space For Furniture

14. Wall Storage

14. Wall Storage

15. Pull-Down Desk

15. Pull-Down Desk

16. Clever Spice Shelves

16. Clever Spice Shelves

17. Tiered Counter Storage

17. Tiered Counter Storage

18. DIY Over-Sink Storage

18. DIY Over-Sink Storage

19. Floating Vanity Shelves

19. Floating Vanity Shelves

20. Tank Top Space Saver

20. Tank Top Space Saver

21. Over-Faucet Shelf

21. Over-Faucet Shelf

22. DIY Kitchen Organizer

22. DIY Kitchen Organizer

23. Skinny Sofa Table

23. Skinny Sofa Table

24. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet

24. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet

25. Backsplash Storage

25. Backsplash Storage

26. Curtain Separation

26. Curtain Separation

27. Tilt-Out Trash

27. Tilt-Out Trash

28. Swap Extra Chairs for Built-in Seating

28 Swap extra chairs for built-in seating

29. Small-Space Command Center

29. Small-Space Command Center

30. Stick to What Necessary

30 Stick to What Necessary

31. Dont Be Afraid of DIY (Building Your Own Storage)

31. Dont Be Afraid of DIY

To conclude, small homes are not a problem when you can handle and design them perfectly. The most important thing that needs to be considered from a small home is space. As long as you can maximize the space that you have rightly, you will have no problem with small home.


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