Amazing Small Home Architecture in Australia

These days, the size of a house is no longer a necessary obstacle that will keep us from having a comfortable and attractive living space. We now have numerous companies and professional individuals who are really expert in transforming the limited space in our house into a more impressing living area. It seems like no matter how small our house, there is plenty of interesting small home design ideas to choose from. Australian studio Philip Stejskal Architecture has actually shown their capacity in enhancing an old-fashion duplex in Fremantle, Australia. Not only that the Australian studio has successfully equipped 1890s duplex with a white timber extension, they have also complemented it with shutters and sliding panels. It is quite obvious that those two features camouflage with the walls once it is closed.

The small size of a house will never keep us from manifesting what we really want in our house design. What we need is a little creativity and a highly experienced and professional architecture studio to make our dream small house come true. Philip Stejskal Architecure seems to have plenty of great designs ideas for small home to make a small house more valuable as well as look more impressive. Great home design ideas might be able to work wonders even for a small house. Let us have a closer look at the Bellevue Terrace, which is a 19th century house in Australia. With enclosed terraces containing an open-air dining room and a small bathroom, this old-fashioned home has turned out to be more functional. The Australian studio has also added a pathway that connects those two spaces.

Small Home Design with Large Spaces in Australia

There are many other interesting features that have been added to the house such as the stepped terraces and the hatches in the cladding pivot. Each of these features is designed very neatly. You can find unique transition on the stepped terraces starting from brick, timber and concrete. The small home design ideas introduced by Philip Skejskal Architecture are meant to put the small size of the house aside and come up with more impressive living space.

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Photos by: Bo Wong

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