Awesome Small Home Design By Nest Architects

Good home design might work wonders to every home regardless to their sizes. Even when you have a small home, you can rely on your creative minds to come up with an impressive small home design that might turn your home into a more comfortable and cozy living space. At first, most small home owners have no serious issue when it comes to living in their small home comfortably. However, after a few years of living, especially when the size of the family has become bigger, the small size of their home could be the source of many problems. They certainly require more space and buying a bigger home never seems to be a friendly solution considering that we are now living in a hardship era economically.

Nest Architects is a Melbourne-based studio who has been dealing with numerous clients. Many of them were complaining about their small homes and how a bigger family can bring so many troubles. One of their clients from Fitzroy North, Australia was having an issue with their living space. As their family has turned out into a party of four with two children, their small home was in need of professional help to make it more accommodating for the whole family. One of the most obvious and successful enhancements made by Nest Architects would be at the back of the private residence. Before the enhancement project takes place, you surely hate to see dodgy 1980, damp and cold back area. It was obviously a nightmare in any home renovation plan. Nest Architect has finally worked their magic and replaced the back half of the house with a small open living area. This area is well equipped with a large steel door that you can use to access the sunny backyard.

Small Backyard Ideas for Small Home

Wide Open Glass Patio Door Ideas

Nest Architects has successfully introduced a number of excellent small home ideas on some other parts of the home. They might inspire you to overcome your small space issue in your house and come up with more functional and beautiful changes. You can simply have a closer look to all those inspiring pictures.

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Photos courtesy by: Lauren Bamford

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