Bedroom Storage Bench for Small and Minimalist Bedroom

The idea of a storage area in the next room will we dedicate to you. Begins with old clothes piled on a chair that reduces room tidiness, magazines and books are scattered on the side of the bed, some clothing that looks out of the closet, is this condition familiar to you? Choosing a place to put stuff in the room is not easy, especially if you lack the capacity closet or in your room there was no closet. Here are some ideas of your bedroom storage bench.

Bedroom Storage Bench End of Bed

  1. You can add two closets in the second put in the side door. Choose high cabinets and touching up the ceiling, do not leave an empty space.
  2. Using the cart to save some dirty clothes are not too bad idea, it will help keep the room does not look cluttered with dirty clothes before you go to laundry to wash.
  3. Use a wide cupboard so up from the side wall to the other side wall not leaving the room empty, but does not cover the window so that light entering the room. It is also useful for the rooms look bigger
  4. Hangers can also be used to hang clothes by using a hanger, so it looks more tidy.
  5. You do not have a closet in the room, it can try by using clothes hangers used in the boutique for hang some of your clothes. Place the drawer on a clothes hanger to make it more pleasing to the eye.
  6. Using a bedside table can also do, which is equipped with drawers for storing some of your goods in order not to fall apart such as magazines and even some of your spare blanket.
  7. Huge basket can be used as a storage area in addition to storing your dirty clothes, can also be used to store your spare pillows or blankets.
  8. Put the extra storage on a bed attached to the blank wall flanked by two tall bedroom storage bench which can be used to hang your clothes. While the storage on the bed can be used to store items such as magazines or accessories. For security, the goods are placed in storage on the bed safety if overwrite your head, prioritize your safety.
  9. Create a storage space under the bed, it is useful to store your goods like when finished reading a magazine or your belongings other. It can replace the use of cabinets that will take up space room.

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Make a closet attached to the bed, one piece high cabinets can be placed on a bedroom storage bench that sticks out of the wall to the other wall and blend with a bed-shaped T.

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