Could You Believe This Tiny Cabin Really Exist?

This tiny cabin design is something that you will love if you are looking for a tiny home. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the same thing goes with these pictures. The home is crafted from the local stones, and it is completely remote. For those wanting to access the home, the only option available is to access the home by foot. If you notice it, the tiny cabin is very hard to see at certain angles due to its grassy rooftop.

After exploring the area through a long trek to arrive at this tiny cabin, visitors can rest inside. With the availability of the large couches, it looks so nice and relaxing. Many would find it very relaxing and comfortable. This is very surprising, you may never guess that this tiny cabin has large couches inside. You may enjoy viewing the views while sitting on the large couches. There is lots of natural sunlight, it is all thanks to the oversize windows being installed.

When you explore the tiny cabin, you can also see a tiny kitchen which is decorated nicely. The kitchen fits perfectly with the rest of the decor, making it a comfortable kitchen which many would love to cook here. Preparing foods, making foods and doing other activities here would be very fun. And if you still have time to explore the tiny cabin, you can also see a sleeping loft. You can take a look above, a sleeping loft is available there. It is very nice, isn’t it? Of course, there are still other fun things you will love when exploring the tiny cabin.

Tiny Mountain Cabin with Amazing View in Norway

Tiny Hobbit Cabin with Landscape Mountain View

What we can say is that the cabin may be tiny, but the design is so unique, making it one of the best tiny cabin designs we have seen so far. If you have never seen a tiny cabin which is beautiful and comfortable to live, this one might be a good idea to consider. You can see how the designer matched the color and placed the right furniture including large couches in the living room. For those looking for inspiration about a tiny home, this tiny cottage is one that they shouldn’t miss.

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Sources: James Silverman (photographer), Snohetta (architect), Inhabitat

Feel free to let others know about this beautiful tiny home design. Let them know how a tiny cabin can look so beautiful like this one!

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