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In the 21th century, more and more people seem to have more awareness of their living environment. They seem to care about the future of their planet and tend to come up with more environmentally friendly alternatives in almost every aspect of their life including their housing needs. Building a new house that can cost us a fortune is no longer seen as in ideal solution these days. Living in shipping container homes has become a great alternative to our traditional and conventional housing. A shipping container house is a living space for you and your family which is actually made from a shipping crate. This new option is now seen a more environmentally friendly option as our house is not made from new materials that include plenty of cements, bricks and logs of woods. This modern house is really made from the shipping crate that we usually use for shipping our goods overseas.

It is no secret that most of the shipping containers that we see are made by shipping container manufacturers in other countries. Little that you know, the cost of returning the shipping container to the origin country is much more expensive than to manufacture a new one. Therefore, it would a lot wiser and a lot friendly for your environment to reuse the available shipping containers and come up with a more affordable housing solution.

Most of your conventional homes are made from bricks and cements. These materials could be easily destroyed each time we experience some unwanted incidents like an earthquake. On the other hand, shipping containers are obviously made from steel and they surely offer the strength that any traditional fabricated house would not have. Not only that you will not have to come up with very expensive foundations, the concrete posts under each corner of the crate will function as simpler yet stronger foundations to keep your house straight on the ground. More importantly, the shipping container home is strong enough to withstand any cyclonic condition.

Shipping Container Homes Plans
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This environmentally friendly solution has come in a variety of styles now. Some of the container home manufacturers have also introduced the ones with double story in addition to their single story houses. Obviously, we have no limit on how many containers that we can use to create a cozy living space. Thus, it is quite possible that we might have new homes made from a number of shipping containers that are stacked up architecturally.

Shipping Container Home with Upper Deck

Shipping containers come in various sizes starting from 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet lengths. If you plan on living in this modern type of home with more people in it, you might want to ask the manufacturer to involve the bigger size shipping containers. When the cost of living in conventional homes starts to get out of hand, shipping container homes should be seen as a more preferable alternative. With the modern technology in this industry, your own comfortable living won’t be compromised just because you literally live in shipping containers.

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