Super Cool 160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny House

To some people, living in a large home attached to the ground is not really a choice especially when they realize that they cannot afford such comfortable life. The high costs of living in a conventional home have left them to seek for better alternatives. Many of them finally see shipping container house as the best alternative. Not only that this option comes with much cheaper costs, living in a shipping container home offers a number of benefits. Living inside a shipping container is not the same with living in a shipping container home. A shipping container tiny home has turned out to be a more livable box than a shipping crate that we use to deliver things overseas. You shall be provided with comfortable features that you usually enjoy in a conventional home like a kitchen, bathroom or even a bedroom. If you are still clueless about living in a shipping container house, let us have a closer look at the shipping container home made by Casa Cubica.

Casa Cubica is a well known company in Costa Rica that has been dealing with transforming shipping containers into a livable home for their customers. A 20 feet container, for example, can turn out to be a complete and comfortable living space for you and your family. Thanks to the capacity of this Costa Rican company, the shipping container is now a 160 square feet tiny house that offers a great deal of comfort for the whole family. Not only that this shipping container home would be a great choice for individuals or couples, you can take along your children to live in this tiny house as well.

Tiny Shipping Container Home Plans

Tiny Shipping Container Homes Casa Cubica

With 160 square feet width, four people can live comfortably in this shipping container house. In addition to its bathroom, full kitchen, washer or dryer, outdoor space and multi-functional room, Casa Cubica has also added a rooftop recreational deck. When you find out that living in a conventional home is just too expensive for you, shipping container home plans should be considered as a great alternative. Not only that you can still enjoy the comfort of a home, this option will not cost you much money.

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