Clever Storage Hacks for Tiny House

Tiny house is very tricky to design because you need to be smart in finding the space to be used as your storage. There are several storage hacks that you can follow; for example, you can create storage under the bed or under the couches….

Story and Benefits of Tumbleweed Tiny House

Tiny home movement has led many people to shift their conventional options to a more realistic choices of living space that come with more affordable price. The cost of living in a conventional home or an apartment is becoming out of reach of many individuals….

Smart Tiny Home Plans to Suit Your Wishes

Do you need tiny home plans for your tiny homes? Well, if you do, you are not the only one. Many people can only afford a small space for their homes, especially when you are living in the urban areas. The closer you get to…

Super Cool 160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny House

To some people, living in a large home attached to the ground is not really a choice especially when they realize that they cannot afford such comfortable life. The high costs of living in a conventional home have left them to seek for better alternatives….

Start Living in Tiny House on Wheels

It is very obvious that the cost of living in a conventional house with a large size has become out of reach of most of our hands. This sad fact has led us to searching for a number of alternatives that come with more affordable…

She Found Freedom and Peace in a Tiny House on Wheels

The demand for smaller homes keeps on increasing very rapidly over the last few years. Not only that we have to face the fact that living in a conventional home in the United States can now cost you a fortune, tiny house on wheels will…