Clever Storage Hacks for Tiny House

Tiny house is very tricky to design because you need to be smart in finding the space to be used as your storage. There are several storage hacks that you can follow; for example, you can create storage under the bed or under the couches. You can put several things beneath them for example books and socks. Another hack is, you can create a sliding and hide table. You can put this in the kitchen, so whenever you need a table to eat, you can easily slide them. So, even though you have small house, do not be desperate for finding space because you will have plenty of space to find.

Lets get going:

Storage Under a Bench

Under Bench Storage Ideas


Space Underneath Floorboards

Tiny House on Wheels Storage Under Floor


Slide Butcher Block

Tiny House on Wheels Storage Ideas


Extendable Table

Sliding Extendable Table for Small Spaces


More Storage’s

Kitchen Storage Solutions for Tiny House on Wheels


Drop-Down Shelves

Clever Hidden Storage for Small Kitchen

Photos: East Coast Tiny Homes

Via Tiny House Swoon

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