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These days, we can choose to improve or build our house with many different styles and themes. Whatever our decision is, you need to keep in mind that your house should be able to reflect your own personality nicely. For that reason, it is not surprising to see many homes that come with unique designs and styles. Not only that your home should include your personal touches here and there, you should be surrounded by the object that you love and enjoy for the sake of your comfortable living. Craftsman style home has become very popular in our society due to many different reasons. Some of home owners love the way the Craftsman style makes their home look more appealing and inviting, while some other individuals are amazed by the comfortable level that this home style offers. However, before you come up with your own reason to apply this home style in your own living space, it would be much better if you find more information about this so called Craftsman style.

Adorable Small Craftsman Style Home Plans with Blue Color

In 1893, Charles and Henry Green had worked together to introduce their architectural design in Pasadena, California. With plenty of hard works and creative minds, these two brothers managed to come up with craftsman bungalow style home designs in 1903 in a more simple scale. This particular home style was also initiated by Gustav Stickley in nearly the same era. It took many years before this home style became the center of attention of many people in this country. In the end of the 1920s, homes with craftsman design style finally become the most popular home design style in the country. Up to this day, many people still have a great interest in building their living space using this home style. Since all individuals come with their own personal taste, it is good to find out that craftsman design has come in a variety of styles. Make sure that you take a closer look at each of them before you actually apply it on your own house.

Modern Small Craftsman Style Home Exterior Ideas

Different Styles of Craftsman Homes

Many people are still unaware that craftsman homes may come in various styles. They can now choose the craftsman style that meets their personal requirements properly.

  1. The Bungalow Home
    This craftsman home style features a low pitched front facing gable roof design. This feature looks deeper than the wide version. This craftsman home design is mostly marked with a full width front porch and wide tapered craftsman columns.
  2. Cottage Style Craftsman Home
    This craftsman style features single story design that is crafted in a rectangular fashion. A central entry and symmetrical balance of exterior windows are very noticeable in this home design.
  3. Multi-Family Craftsman Home
    At the early stage of craftsman home style, it is used to build homes that accommodate more than one family. This type of craftsman home comes in forms of duplex or multiplex houses.

2 Story Craftsman Style Home Plans Classic Modern Craftsman Style Home Exterior Florida Small Craftsman Style Home Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Design Tiny Craftsman Style Home Exterior Design American Craftsman Style Home Plans Image of Craftsman Style Home Plans Traditional Craftsman Style Home Exterior Design

In this modern era, far from the origin of craftsman style home, we have many different options when it comes to the application of the craftsman style. Whatever personal taste or requirements that you have, there must be a style of craftsman design that suits you perfectly.

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