Craftsman Style Home, You’ll Love to Live In

With a minimalist concept which has a simple look, you can easily clean up your house. It would be nice if you design a house with interior and exterior are in harmony and with so you will get a charming house as unique and chic like craftsman style home.

For a minimalist interior, the interior needed is not too big and luxurious and in addition it does not require interior ornamentation retains much so simple impression of the minimalist style. For the price of a minimalist interior is also not too expensive because most interior which used to have a simple display and simple.

In addition it would be nice if you use multifunctional furniture. Because minimalist rarely use permanent partition then you can use the shelf as a non-permanent seal that can be moved each time you decorate your home. Here we provide a variety of sample images for your minimalist home.

In ancient times, houses were established only by using wood only. But as time goes by and developments in the field of building construction, the more difficult just to get wood. People tend to prefer the building of concrete. Only some people who still prefer to build a wooden craftsman style home. Model wooden house only chosen by those who want a residence with antique atmosphere and eccentric course also very friendly to the environment.

In our country when we heard “wood house”, the picture that comes in mind is a wooden house with traditional models. In fact, the real wooden houses can be built with an assortment of models and modern. There are many options modern minimalist wooden house model and remain impressed antiques and eccentric.

Craftsman Home Plans with Patio

Some models of wooden houses by using a modern minimalist contemporary design that is currently above the wind among housing. Although only a wooden house, but will be modified with a modern touch and will certainly remain attractive and memorable antique and environmentally friendly. However, you must also specify high-quality wood to build a modern wooden house. So that later modern minimalist wooden house that you will wake up with a durable and sturdy.

Craftsman Home Style Exterior Design

As a first step to change the craftsman style home into a modern minimalist wooden houses, can be combined with concrete clad with natural stone as decoration. With this step, modern wooden house will be building high value and has a unique feel and comfortable to live. Are you interested? See the first images of the modern minimalist wooden houses above.

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