Customized Tiny Houses on Wheels by Stone Canyon Cabins

Are you looking for the decent tiny house builds? Here I want to give you an idea about other magnificent tiny house on wheels by Stone Canyon Cabins. This home has been equipped with a bedroom on the first level, a really nice kitchen, a bathroom, and a fastidious dining area. In additional, you will figure out an optional loft for supplementary sleeping space or storage.

Stone Canyon Cabins, LLC offers a number of beautiful park model cabins. For those who look for a retirement getaway, a vacation, tiny homes on wheels for sale or custom dream cabin, then Stone Canyon Cabin is the right place to get those stuffs. You will be provided with the quality workmanship and also materials that will go into their park models. Stone Canyon Cabins will build the houses based on your wishes and in a very controlled environment.

Besides, Stone Canyon Cabins builds the chalets or cabins in their own facility with no middleman or distributor to deal with in the buying process. As a result, this will make their park models more affordable to anyone. Moreover, Stone Canyon Cabins provides several good-looking floor plans and also construction links.

Tiny House on Wheels Exterior Design by Stone Canyon Cabins

So now, let’s talk further about these really nice and affordable tiny homes on wheels. It can be a very ideal option when you look for a well-designed small home but with a moderate price. You will be pleased by its bed downstairs especially if you are too old to climb. As a matter of fact, it will be nicer if you can put a slide out so the living area can be larger and more comfortable.

Customized Tiny House on Wheels by Stone Canyon Cabins

On the other hand, anyone may make inquiries about the inclusion of a porch in this tiny house design. The success of tiny house on wheels is basically reliant on the intelligent use of interior space. In fact, throwing space away on a porch doesn’t seem a smart move. The large size of collapsible porch may enable a small house to be transported. Also, it will give you practical outdoor space when it’s parked.

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Images by: Stone Canyon Cabins

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