Deluxe Crystal Table Lamps Ideas Worth To Install

Back again for your home decoration inspiration fellas! Are you getting bored with the mainstream, “flat” table lamp design? It’s possible that crystal table lamps can serve as a good alternative to refresh the nuance in your room. As for the headlamp, it should fit with any variety of materials and shapes, due to the transparent nature of the acrylic, making it easy to integrate with any color.

Here we’ll show you with some of creative and unique designs, perfectly suits as a reference on your next desk lamp.

Shapes In Stick – Square Crystal Table Lamps

minimalist crystal table lamps 2017

The basic concept of these square crystal table lamps suspension is to create symmetrical three-dimensional shapes in harmony, plugged into a steel rod, much like a barbecue is put into chop stick. There are several shapes that can be formed, including circle, square, diamond up. The key is to make the lively repetitions.

As for the headlamp, a canvas should be appropriate. But keep in mind is the pedestal should adjust with the headlamp shape as well.

Crystal Sprinkles

modern crystal table lamps

As an alternative to the suspension installation, this crystalline material can also be formed as an additional decoration on the table lamps. One of the idea is to design a lot of crystal balls, bonded to one another like a necklace. Apply these “necklaces” so that your table lamp result in rich crystals outlook and outcome the monotonous nature of the headlamp and suspension.

In addition to using a crystal ball necklace, apply thin crystal sticks on a massive scale to cover the circumference of the headlamp and re-reflect the lights. In attaching these crystal droplets on the bottom of the headlamp, your table lamp are given a beautiful rainy impression.

Acrylic Balls As Headlamp

small round crystal table lamps

By using lots of acrylic balls to surround and cover the lights, will result in a beautiful light reflections. However, to install these crystal balls sequentially and form a “disco” ball, it’s necessary to have suspension that connect these balls one another.

Headlamp Concepts

simple crystal table lamps for Living Room

In addition to using the common white canvas, do the solid colors and apply patterns on the canvas to enhance the artistic impression – brown with asymmetrical natural pattern for example.

natural crystal table lamps for living room modern crystal table lamps crystal table lamps for bedroom crystal table lamps for sale

Have you found a perfect concept for your crystal table lamps? We want to hear your opinion below.

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