DIY Project For Home To Takes Your Living To Another Level

DIY job is always gonna be exciting to do, aren’t we right guys? While we might say, doing DIY project for home is a decent way to to kill your spare time, but in fact, you will also feel the satisfaction in and its impact on the overall atmosphere of your livings. Here are some types of simple DIY projects at home you can do happily.

Cardboard lanterns

DIY project for home pendant light

Cut big pieces of cardboards– whereever you may find it we don’t care – into small rectangles and then horizontally shape it into pentagons. Form a piece of flat pentagon cardboard and holed the center to make it serves as buffer and lampshades. Attach one box to another in different positions diagonally. When turned on, the lights will burst out of the cavity, giving you an artistic impression.

Tyre couch

easy DIY project for home list to do

You have a car tire unused? Don’t lie to us, of course you do. So, why you guys not giving it a try to make a vintage and unique couch? Here’s the trick, first, form a plywood as roughly as the diameter of the tire with size slightly reduced to give extra volume. Subsequently, attach it over the tire by drilling bolts. Cover the tyre surface neatly with a diameter of rope. Do the same over the circled plywood so that all of your tyre couch covered perfectly with rope.

Box format with paper clip

DIY project for home decor storage box

Who said these clips only made to use on papers? Clamp boxes to stick one another still a great idea, but never thought by almost everyone. With the hole facing sideways, clip different size of boxes into one beautiful box formation. Consider coloring the pit box with pastel colors to enhance its attractive look.

Rope bowl

easy DIY project for home

Making a bowl from rope is quite a simple DIY project for home. All you need is just an extra super glue. The trick is, make this rope in a circle with its width increasingly wider upwards, as to form a bowl. Almost every type of rope applicable, including wood fibers and canvas.

Branch suspension

simple DIY project for home

Wood branch proved to have a high decoration value. First, clean these piece of woods and if necessary, peel the skin, making it looks brighter. Then you guys can start make it as a connector over two wooden boards attached horizontally on the wall.

Alternatively, these piece of woods would serve nicely as a center of attention. The trick is to combine several pieces so it can withstand flat surface like a table. The more branches you cut-and-stick, the more visible the artistic effects will be.

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So, are you guys keen to do this DIY project for home at home? We believe in you! Because if not, we wouldn’t been able to practice it by ourselves. Good luck to you!

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