Figuring Out Small House Design in Compact Karst House

Small is in. Small houses have become a new trend these days as the cost of living in a conventional and large home has become significantly more expensive. A small house is even now a great living space for the young family with a number of children. Living in a small house has become more familiar to many people in Slovenia. They have been provided with a number of small house design and compact stony house seems to be more preferable for many different reasons. Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti has been dealing designing small houses for many years. This Ljubljana-based architect’s studio has come up with Compact Karst House, a well-designed private residence located in Vrhovlje, Slovenia. These pictures will show you how a number of impressive design ideas for small house well manifested by Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti.

This so called Compact Karst house is well equipped with two inserted wooden volumes and an interim landing as their connection. No wonder if we see this small house in conceived as monolithic volume. This small house also features a certain area on the ground floor which can be used for public or semi-public purposes. This particular space would be the right place for you to enjoy grand landscape views from multiple angles. If you look for a more private area, you can have a closer look at the upper floor. Since it is meant for private use only, the home owners will only be indulged with the views of the sky.

Small House Design with Unique Architecture

2 Bedroom Small House Plans

This Compact Karst House is also added with house in a house concept. You can see this concept well applied in each bedroom in this house. In addition to its function as a great and comfortable place for you to sleep in, every bedroom in this small house can also perform as primarily wooden pitched house. This feature gives you the feeling of sleeping in your own house and not in your room. Obviously, Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti has introduced many other small house ideas in many other aspects of the Compact Karst house and they are well represented in these pictures.

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Images by: Janez Marolt

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