Garage Converted Into Amazing Small Cottage in Berkeley, CA – Don’t Be Surprised!

Can you imagine how impressive it is when someone has decided to transform a one car garage into a small cottage? Take a good look at the picture shown here, the owner of the garage has decided to give a new addition to the garage. What once was an ordinary garage, it has been transformed into something different. When you are taking an inside look, the owner has added a stairway, which was built to connect the spaces.

When you see the downstairs, this is the old converted garage, the area where the kitchen, the living area, and the half-bathroom are located. Next, a bedroom and a full bathroom have been added too. One of the most interesting parts is the newer addition, a new bedroom, which comes with a beautiful little outdoor patio where the visitors can enjoy the view. It is a great idea for visitors or the owner wanting to enjoy great views in the bedroom.

Small Cabin Designs Under 800 sq ft Berkeley-CA

Well, if you see it clearly, the home cottage might be small but it can be very convenient for those wanting to live in the small home. This could be a perfect home for a couple or a small family. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that the home cottage plan is becoming more and more popular these days. They are very economical, easy to care, and provide the cozy feel of a vacation home. If you have never seen this idea before, it is time to consider a cottage home plan on the list. As you can see from the picture here, the cottage home plan is very ideal for those wanting simplicity and those who appreciate the idea of the storybook home.

Garage Converted to Small Cabin Under 800 sq ft

With this information you can keep in the mind, there is no doubt that having a perfect home doesn’t have to be expensive. Think about this small cottage and see how it can give you some ideas when building your dream home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you don’t have to put lots of furniture which only takes lots of space. Instead, you can pick furniture which comes with various purposes, allowing you to have furniture which adds both functionality and style in the home. For more ideas, please see these pictures and get some ideas. Let your friends know too, they may want to have a beautiful home like this one.

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