Garage Storage Ideas – Concepts and Proportions To Consider

Back again with a question! Do your garage looks a mess? Who cares? Any average person on earth would also have their messy garage.

Well, we think you should’ve begun to create garage storage ideas, and make yourself keen with some.

You do understand that a neat garage is able to hold and store more equipment’s and also more of your favorite toys?

Indeed, but man, seriously, I was too lazy to tidy them up.

Good, but wouldn’t you like your garage to reflect your personality? Because we’ve just collected some decent tips for building a garage storage concept in your home.

Racing Pitstop

modern garage storage Shelving Unit ideas

It may not seem like a pitstop box you used to see in Formula One or NASCAR, but with the color and floor design resembling racing garage storage ideas, you’ve got the meaning.

A blend of red and black will result in a masculine garage look, especially if you can spruce up all the messy stuffs into cabinet with their accordance proportions.

Steel Garage

garage storage organization ideas

With a blend of typical gray steel, coupled with the yellow to boost the spirit, your garage finally symbolizes your hard work. With your equipment neatly arranged like marching soldiers, you are the winner.

DIY Attic Storage

garage overhead storage ideas

The ceiling of your garage actually can fit with buckets storing every kind of possible equipment’s. Whether the plaform will be made of wood or steel casket, not a big deal, as long as you can handle it neatly which result in saving more free space in your garage.

The use of special large buckets to store your items above the platform is also recommended, to spruce up the overall look of your garage.

Wardrobe Use

small garage storage ideas

One of the key factors in the garage storage ideas is the cabinets. A kind that can be likened to those you normally have in the bedroom. If you have a lot of small, hazardous items such as nails, knives, and other sharp tools, try to have a closet to store them, to avoid being scattered. Most people are just hanging their big items for display.

Hang your bikes

overhead garage storage ideas for Hanging Bike

If your garage space is relatively tall but narrow, definitely hang your bike. However putting your bike just on the floor could also fit it, as long as it stays away enough from equipment that requires extra precautionary.

DIY garage storage solutions ideas Brilliant garage tools storage tips garage storage cabinets ideas garage storage ideas for organization


small garage storage ideas diySo, now, how will you guys do your garage storage ideas? Do you think using a special theme that suits your taste is mandatory? Or just leave it neat alone? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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