Beef Up Your Kids Loft Beds With These Stunning Design Ideas

Typically, loft bed is only intended to double the space. However, over all types of bed space, kids loft beds have a good reason to actually be converted or added features to make it more appealing. And, easy to say, you must have realized that simple functions for loft beds are no longer applicable. Don’t get it yet? Come on, open your mind! Be creative! You’ve found the internet dude! Intrigued by some of our reference design loft bed yet? Go see it. We won’t hold you back either.

Loft bed with space as ceiling

kids loft beds with toys storage

Applying semicircular hood with such stars and planets decoration will make your children feel intrigued to play at the top of their loft beds. You may have to consider giving them toys to support this space theme, such as aircraft, for example.

Bright colors in post-modernism style

kids loft beds sofa and modern color

For teenage children, applying futuristic design of post-modernism style with brightly colored accessories in it seems a sound idea. With wall color and hardware’s entirely white, do your mattresses, pillows, and toys in strong-colored accent, creating a perfect blend of freedom to your teenager’s soul.

Otherwise, combine bright colors such as orange to the surface of his bedroom hardware, while giving him the freedom to put a variety of private stuffs and toys. The atmosphere will feel more diverse yet calm.

Neutral versus Colorful

kids loft beds with Stairs and storage

For those who fancy the conventional kids loft beds design, it never hurts to try decorating kid’s loft bed by yourself. Try combining some pastel colors to pillowcases and mattress, and accessories such as picture frames and wallpapers to strike over the monotonous color.

Even more, put their learning table directly under the mattress so that the entire space of the room seems more compact.

Boxed and Colored Loft Bed

boxed kids loft beds

Want to add some fun? Try to make it look like a cat playing box, you know, the meow stuffs. With brightly colored walls, combine several mattresses into an arrangement of kids loft beds, while applying covers on some part of the bed to give boxed impression like they’re playing the game of hide and seek.

Sofa + Loft Bed + Treasure Tents

kids loft beds with stairs and tent under bed

Using a relatively short staircase, the bed can be converted into a sofa and the pillows into backrest cushions. Meanwhile, the underneath part of the loft bed will be installed with duck-sized tents that serve as a storage for their favorite items.

modern kids loft beds modern Kids loft bed blue orange color simple kids loft bed plans full size loft beds for kids with desk Playful kids loft beds with slide

So, above all of those recommendations, have you put into thought about any concept for your kids loft beds that you think will delight them? We challenge you to apply one of the above designs into reality within 30 days from now. And it will be a super delight for us if you can send feedback to show us later. Good luck!

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