Living Simply in Tiny House on Wheels

These days, living in a conventional house or an apartment may cost you a fortune especially when you live in big cities. This fact has left us in search for a number of alternatives that come with more affordable price. This is where tiny house on wheels comes into play. It has turned to be a great alternative to those people who wish to enjoy all the benefits of living in a small and movable house yet they cannot afford the high costs and expenses that are normally attached to a property asset. Not only that this type of living space in pretty small in size, the houses are not really attached to the ground like most houses are. They come with a mobile design and that makes it a perfect choice for the people who have to build their career in various locations. Hampton’s tiny house created by Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins would be a great example of this new alternative.

Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins has come up with a unique creation. They have introduced a mobile and complete living space named the Hamptons Cabin. This tiny house is well equipped with fully functional wheels. Surprisingly, the developer of this tiny mobile house only spent about $27,000 to complete the ambitious project. With only 8’6″ x 20′ measurement, this tiny house is actually filled with 2′ deck and 3′ overhang. If you wish for a larger size of this tiny house, you might need to spend at least $ 29,000. Despite the fact that the Hamptons Cabin is a tiny home, it is no different from a normal or conventional home. The portable home is also well equipped with a sleeping loft, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. The developer of the Hamptons Cabin still has much more to offer to their customers.

Living Simply in Tiny House on Wheels

How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels

The popularity of tiny house on wheels never seems to show any sign of decreasing. The fact that living in a conventional home costs us plenty of money for the purchase as well as for the monthly expenses, a mobile tiny house could be a great alternative for many different reasons than just a low cost option.

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