Modern Small Office Made From Shipping Containers

When it comes to building an office, we mostly have to deal with plenty of associated issues the floor plan, the location, the price of the building plan, the materials and many others. In addition to that, we should have more concerns about coming up with environmentally friendly approach in many related aspects. Aside from those conventional and existing options, you might be surprised to learn that a number of raw materials like a shipping container can turn to be a great alternative. More and more people, especially who live in big cities, have become more familiar with amazing and attractive small office design. The modern office design shown below will help you get a better perspective of how a shipping crate can be professionally transformed into a dream office.

The industry of transforming shipping containers into a comfortable small office has been well developed these days. This kind of modern office has come in a variety of designs, styles and forms. Creating a comfortable office inside a single shipping container might have become too familiar in this industry. Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects from Japan has come up with bright ideas in stacking a number of shipping containers and turn them into a small office. Eiji Structural Engineers and C3 design have left their marks on the engineering and the construction of these stacked containers. When you have a closer look at this brilliant modern office design, you will find that the architect has managed to come up with a gallery in the downtown of Torigoe, Taito, and Tokyo.

How to Build Small Office on a Budget

Modern Small Office Made From Shipping Container

It is almost certain that there will be more creative and attractive small office design in the future. The way these shipping containers are modernly stacked might inspire more architects architects or shipping container house enthusiasts to come up with more creative ideas. Imagine how you can come up with a small modern off grid cabin when you place these stacked container design deep in the woods or even mountains.

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Photos by: Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects

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