The Designer Transforms an Old Train Carriage Into a Stunning Living Place

Have you ever had the idea of staying and making use of the old train carriage to be transformed as the stunning and awesome living place? In this part, you will have the different way of thinking about the old train carriage which can be transformed into the single storey house design which is very comfy and cozy. This house design does exist in Japan especially in Takasago. The interesting thing about this house is that it uses the old train carriage to be the part of the house. In brief, something that should have been wasted and recycled can apparently be used in the unexpected ways. Yes, it sounds strange but it brags the world of architecture. Find out more about this design and leave some comments related to this stunning idea!

The design of single storey house takes use of the unused train carriage whose one of the door was used to extend the house. The designer of this house design is Takanobu Kishimoto who tended to remove it so that he could expand the living area to be bigger and larger. Then he had the idea of taking the use of the carriage to add the volume into the house. The train is not a forgettable train since it looks like moving and in the evening the lamps are on. It looks totally pretty and awesome.

1 Story Small House Design Made by Train Carriage

Stunning Small House Made by Train Carriage

The building that is made of the timber is used for both the bedroom and the living room. Takanobu Kishimoto made a hold in both sides of the carriage to be the windows. The train house can be used for the playground and also music room for the children. They can have their private area with comfy look. When you look at the other part of the single storey house plan, there is a gap found between the house walls and the carriage. It is used for storing some logs and wood which looks perfect to be used as the dining area and also kitchen. The single storey house designs combine the visual art and also creativity that are worth to have.

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