Outdoor Water Features References Yet Odd But Stunning

Sup fellas? Here we back again! Talking about outdoor water features – which you already heard from the title – it’s deemed as a high-profile decoration stuff, especially fits for you guys who own a wide home yard. As of design, is no doubt, there are heck lot of it. However, as our loyal readers, would you consider our suggestions for deploying these exciting yet odd references below? Check this out.

The Zen Style

By using the traditional style of the Far East, you already had the idea. The use of bamboo tree segments to drain water vertically. Also, to make it looks more Asian than your Japanese or Chinese friends’ backyard – use this bamboo and wood as the suspension and reservoir, to enhance the natural, pure impression.

Best Outdoor Water Features for Small Backyard

Outdoor Water Features with Futuristic Dining Table

Outdoor dining table has become a common feature for you who own a heck lot of open space at home. However, have you ever think about what would happen if the table is designed with a sort of 2025 design, and with ability to drain water out of it?

This is what happened to one of the reference design of our outdoor fountain platform, where the tabletops are made of two layer of glasses, while the space between the layers is used to flow water out of its edge.

Outdoor Water Features with Futuristic Dining Table

Vertical + Horizontal Platform

The concept is simple, the water flows vertically, and then goes into a “large” pool and subsequently, a smaller one. But what makes it look beautiful is, the background color and the placement. We do believe you have a terrace on home, so why not installing it to make your version of a super complete backyard atmosphere? Cool.

Cheap Natural Outdoor Water Features

Chimney-ish Water Drain

Don’t be fool by its looks. It may pretend as a dusty, black chimney, but with its thinner depth, and water droplets everywhere, this is your outdoor fountain feature. It’s added with white stones to balance the dark color of water platform.

Mirror with a water drain hole

You’ve never had this idea before, do you? With a vertical mirror platform and a simple reservoir, this water feature can reflect its surrounding environment, making it a perfect thing to copy on yours. Using neutral or strong color on the suspension would be a great idea either.

Surrealism art building in a pool of water

Easy dude. This is just an art. An intriguing art. A skewing building as if it’s about to collapse, coupled with the water feature suspension formed identically, is definitely giving you some serious impression of surrealism artistic interpretation. Want some more? You can demonstrate this art to your guests by adding two wood couches, facing each other beholding the water platform in the middle.

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We have no idea about your personal taste, but at least we’ve tried! Choose any of those references of outdoor water features to apply on your terrace. Sounds great? Now work on it!

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