Painted Gray Kitchen Cabinets – Make Small Touches With Big Impacts

The painted gray kitchen cabinets are a great addition for those who don’t have the capability to do a major kitchen overhaul. There are lots of DIY ideas in which homeowners can decorate their kitchen using their existing furniture. The most popular furniture used is the kitchen cabinet. It can be considered as the focal point in any kitchen ranging from a modern, contemporary to traditional style. If you are tired with the old one, you may want to give your kitchen cabinet a new look.

Benjamin Moore painted gray kitchen cabinets

Color Scheme Ideas For Your Kitchen Cabinets

To help you decorate the kitchen using painted gray kitchen cabinets, we have some painting and color scheme ideas which may help you, making a paint job that is stylish and also appealing. Check these out!

Doing The Groundwork: The first task you have to do is to prepare the groundwork. Be sure that the kitchen cabinet will accept the paint, make a proper plan and have the task completed perfectly. It is also important not to rush the job, otherwise the project you are dealing with, won’t give the best result.

Consider Other Color Options: Another thing you have to do is to consider other color options that may work well with your kitchen cabinet. Painting is without a doubt the most individual statement where you can choose the right color that matches with your taste. The choice is endless, you can choose one solid color or have another complementary accent shade.

To Spray Or Brush: The next decision you have to make is to choose whether you want to brush or spray. Each option has its own benefit, for example, you may decide to spray the cabinet, it will give a more professional look in the end. The problem is, it could be time consuming. But if you use a brush in painting, the project can be completed in a shorter period of time. It works well for a simple cabinet design.

Two Tone painted kitchen cabinets Grey and White Gray White Two Tone Paint Kitchen Cabinets Color Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets dark Gray painted kitchen cabinets painted gray kitchen cabinets Gray painted kitchen cabinets painted gray kitchen cabinets painted gray kitchen cabinets Grey Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets Light Gray paint kitchen cabinets Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets

These are several things that you can do the next time you decide to give a new touch for the old kitchen cabinet. Instead of buying a new kitchen cabinet, painting your old kitchen cabinet is a better idea, you will be able to use your money for other purposes such as buying new furniture to add functionality in your kitchen. Feel free to explore some pictures of painted gray kitchen cabinets here and decide which idea that you would love to try.


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