Refinish Kitchen Cabinets By These Simple Total Revamp Tips

If the age of your home is more than five years, it is likely that the wooden furnitures are already looked a little worn. Even more when it comes to the easily dirty space, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Talking about storage in cooking spot, it is possible to refinish kitchen cabinets in several ways, ranging from the simplest, to the most budget-draining one. Here’s the list.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with Paint DIY Project Before After

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets By Repainting

Repainting and give a new varnish layer on your kitchen cabinets is the easiest and most common solution. In addition to the fair cost and non-replacement, it gives a drastic change in result as well. For example, by giving a brownish black varnish on your old wood cabinets, the kitchen atmosphere should look more dynamic by the presentable presence of dark colors.

But you have to consider more than just repainting your kitchen furniture definitely. There are times when you will have to use carpentry techniques to rearrange the position of the worn out cabinets and doors, cover the eroded wooden, and rearrange the furniture another position, for the sake of a brand new atmosphere.

Additional Lighting

Along with the renovation on the kitchen cabinets, give a newly revamped backsplash cover, by installing marble over the sink cabinets, and adding more lighting as well. This will brighten your kitchen more, where the light can be used to give highlights on the kitchen cabinet doors, and the cooking spot to give extra “energy” while cooking.

Replacing Overall Furnitures

If your furniture’s are already too old and need a complete overhaul, replacing them entirely should be the best option (even with a largely-prepared budget). It is better too if you refresh and change the colors drastically (from brown to white and red, for example) along with the dominant color in your kitchen. As with cookwares, installing newly modern devices should support the overall impression in the kitchen room.

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There are many ways to refinish kitchen cabinets, ranging from the cheap solutions to the costly. But remember, the overhaul of the kitchen and its furniture’s should be seen as a form of medium-term investment in your home, and totally worth all the cost.

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