Small Garden Fence Ideas to Protect Our Home by the Beauty of Nature

Do not forget to bring greenery in every corner of your home. Presenting openness home with nature as well as the optimization of the front and back yard is a concrete action to realize environmentally friendly homes. Plants such as Sanseviera, Philodendron, Japanese bamboo, gardenia, lavender, spice and vegetable plant species can be planted to provide benefits to the homeowner. Thats why our discussion today is about small garden fence ideas.

Types of plants and horticultural or fruit suitable planted in the yard. There have been many I discussed in this blog about the various benefits of planting ornamental plants in the yard. Well this time, back we will review some ornamental plants flower and fruit well planted in the garden of the house along with the benefits and usefulness.

  1. Plants Bougainville

The flowers of ornamental plants in addition to a form that is beautiful, easy-care can be modified flower color and also serves as a dust filter for our house plants. Meanwhile it is not too big and was not damaging the roots fences or walls of the house because the roots are soft but strong reply ,

If the page fairly large, I think the palm tree is very nice and can make a beautiful impression / beautiful. For small plants, many of which can be planted example: orchids, roses, jasmine, Allemande, hibiscus, etc.

  1. Shade Plants

Easy to take care of a mango tree, suitable for shade, and of course you can enjoy the results of his men. Shade trees create a microclimate, so the wind that went into the yard and into the house will be cooler because it has got grains of moisture. Mango is one that is appropriate as a shade tree canopies.

  1. Plants Absorbing Toxins

Ornamental plants and flowers which have a function as an absorbent of toxins, among others: the tongue-in-law, chrysanthemum, aloe vera, sansiviera, buggy, aglonema, banyan. Even tongue-in-law was able to absorb heavy metals such as lead is the most dangerous in the air.

Type aglonema very suitable to be planted garden fence around the house for smokers because any kind of aglonema, besides being able to absorb CO2 also can absorb nicotine well.

  1. Mosquito Repellent Plants

Ornamental plants that could serve as a decoration at the same time a mosquito repellent, among other things, basil, geranium, rosemary. Those can be small garden fence ideas which can be used as a natural anti-mosquito topical example, ylang-ylang, lavender and catnip. Mosquitoes do not like some kind of ornamental plants such as issuing preferred compounds can even be deadly mosquitoes.

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