Small House With Basement? Make Use Of Limited Space And Maximize It

Having a small house with basement means that you can maximize the use of space available at home. I know how frustrating it is when we have a home with a small amount of space, putting all of our stuff won’t be an easy task as we need to think creatively, allocating space available without ignoring other aspects such as comfort. Well, take a good look at this small house which comes with the basement. The house, which is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, looks so beautiful.

I love the idea of this small house, as we are walking through the front door, we will be greeted with a staircase leading us to the main level of the home. It is quite straightforward but you will love the style. It is pretty easy to notice that all the main areas of the home such as the living area and the kitchen are designed in a creative way. You can also access other areas including the bathroom, office corner, bedroom, and wardrobe instantly. The color used for this small house is also very creative, using white as its main color, it makes the room bigger than it actually is. If you are wondering how you can transform your small house and make it look larger, using white as the main color is a great idea. But there are also other aspects that most homeowners will love when decorating their small house such as the selection of the furniture. For all pieces of furniture we select, we must choose carefully. You don’t want them to take a lot of space, do you ? In other words, the ideas used by the designer of this small house are quite easy to apply.

1000 sq ft Small House with Basement

Having a small house has some benefits, you don’t need to think about buying lots of items for the house. Instead, you can put some items that are stylish and practical. Take a good look at this small house and see how you can apply the same idea.

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