Small Modern Home Plans

Simple Two Story Small Modern Home Plans 3D floor plans

Are planning to build a new home to live as a couple? Or bring a brand new atmosphere of a new living for your children?

Yes, and our new house, it’s just cute and small you know!

Yeah, but big is never enough! Any concept as big as your small home plans are pretty fit to be arranged neatly however. Exploration in the design will shape the looks into more modern way, and anyone who stare at it would feel the luxury vibe. With the use of ideal open space around the building, and protrusion of unite-with-nature concept, your grand residence is more than just a decent and sleek.

This time, we will share with you some of the interesting references about the concept of a modern small house that ought to be applied into the planning of your future home.

4 Bedroom Small Modern House Plans Under 2000 sq ft

Open Space In Modern Small Home Plans

For those of you guys who own a relatively wide open space on the ground, it is most likely able to be installed with a pool, fishpond or fountain with flower yard around. The primary rule is to st a plain grass wide enough to enjoy the rides on your open space ventures.

Use of Vertical Cedar

Vertical cedar is commonly used as a screen to protect glass window or separating two different sections and rooms. However, these cedars can be used as wall platform itself. With tighter compositions which leave no air in, your modern small house concept already beefed up with these varnished wood materials. Besides, vertical cedar can also be mounted as fence.

Container Style

You definitely heard about obsolete container transformed into a living. To plan your home into container-style, the application of real container isn’t always necessary. With common building materials, the effect still can be taken. The principal key is to apply glass as house wall, and flat rooftop, thus, resulting in the house looks entirely identical to container.

Use of Lighting

Modern home lighting generally have yellow light as a dominant glow, illuminating lights alongside white lights as to create an elegant impression. Never think twice in investing your budget for lighting, since in many areas, it is all about excessive lighting that aimed to obtain a modern and luxury effect.

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Those are some of the small modern home plans that are super cool and not to be missed, some of the principals that must be duly noted before building your own. Always make sure you have a large open space on the ground, with an eye to ease develop everything.