Small Modular Homes in Brazil Countryside

Have you ever imagined yourself living in a rectangular modular house situated in the countryside of Brazil? This small modular house looks totally awesome and also stunning. Formed by the creative ideas, these ideas of small modular homes can stand out in the countryside where most of the country sides are fulfilled with grass, bushes, and also crops. This modular home is actually able to be transported to the places where the people want it to be. This modular structure can be either used as the staying places or the temporary showroom as well.

Framed in the structure of the steel, it divides the area for sleeping, dining, lounging, and also bathing. From the distance, it is just a common square placed in the middle of the countryside but when you walk closer to the modular house, it will show you differently. This modular house in small size can even manage your little happiness that you might not be able to get it when you are focused on your tight works. The glass wall will make both sides of the house be seen from the outside. The huge shatters will hinge the side wall away to reveal the window placed from the floor to the ceiling.

Best Small Modular Home Design in Brazil

For the people who want to know the detail information about this small size of modular house, here are the further details of the house. The base has been raised off away from the ground so that the rising damp. For the roof, it has been covered with some plants that go well with the natural system for both filtration and also harvesting. The entire building was structurally prefabricated. It can be transported to the rural area or the countryside.

Small Modular Homes Prices on a Budget

This rectangular modular house looks totally innovative and also attractive. The previous idea was to make a modular house in minimalist idea but it turns out to be totally fantastic after the architects do some customs, alter, and also design expansion. You can think of renting or building your own mobile residence to refresh your mind before dealing with other tasks in the office. Small modular homes can be the right answer for the neat, tidy, and modern staying place.

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