How a Family of Four Live in a Very Small House (Pretty Happily)

Small space living ideas can help you change the way you live in a small space. It is true that small spaces are very normal for those living in the mega cities such as Paris or New York. As seen here, the small house, which is located in Manhattan, has been transformed into a more comfortable home. The homeowner of this house is trying to maximize a small space by using some tricks and tips. The homeowner wants to share it with you, so check these out!

As you can see here, this is a small house, but the homeowner has tried some tips and tricks to maximize the space. The result is quite good and perhaps you want to follow the examples shown by the homeowner here. Transforming a small house doesn’t have to be frustrating, there are some rules which most pros often use. For a small house, it is better to paint the home with one color or you can also use the same pallet hue for the home. Keep your appliances clean will also give a significant effect to your home. You can also use semi gloss paint which works perfectly when used to reflect the light. Don’t forget to have fresh plants added in the home, adding these plants will add a nice atmosphere to your small home.

Stunning Small House Under 800 sq ft

The way you choose furniture for the home will also affect the overall look of your home. If you have large furniture pieces such as a busy couch which comes with a floral print, you can tone things down a bit by adding a slip cover. In other words, there are numerous ideas you can start with when it comes to utilizing a small space. Be more specific with items or stuff that you have places on the shelves and table tops. Remember, a small space is not a big issue if you know how to maximize it. Using some small space living ideas here, having a small house can be very fun too.

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