Small Studio House with Amazing View

A small studio house is something that you may need if you need a small area that is comfortable for working. This is a modern form of extending your living space, which can be considered as a practical solution too for those wanting more. The house is very versatile, it can be used both for relaxing and working. Now, check some ideas below.

This studio comes with some levels, the main level consists of sculpting workspace. For the higher level, it consists of guest suite. When you are inside of the room, you can also enjoy the views of the lake below which can be seen from both levels. To create a warm atmosphere, the architects have decided to add some elements including the cedar. To create a stimulating sensory experience, the structure has been added with the woodsy aroma too. But there are more elements added for the house such as the safety rails which are designed wide enough, providing a comfortable place to rest elbows where you can have a nice conversation with other members of your family.

Small House Ideas with Amazing View

Well, with some new elements being added, we can say that the studio is comfortable enough for living. While it is true that small studios can be quite difficult to redecorate, it doesn’t mean that you can’t. We have several ideas explaining how to decorate a small one without putting too much effort and some of them are shown here. If you like the design shown by architects here, you can also apply the same concept too. The idea may vary from providing more storage space, using mirrors to reflect light, or even using containers to hide clutter. But no matter which idea you are going to apply, having a small area shouldn’t limit your creativity. Tons of ideas can be chosen and may inspire you when decorating a small room. Consider this idea and apply it to your existing small studio house, you can also create a more appealing look.

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