Smart and Bright Guest House Renovation by Azevedo Design

What does cross in your mind when thinking about tiny guest house? You may have thought about some ingenious small guest house plans for your own reference. Check out this small guesthouse featuring a glass mezzanine floor which has been squeezed into the old red-brick boiler home of an improved laundry by San Francisco studio Azevedo Design.

Azevedo Design has succeeded to fill up a kitchen, living room and bedroom inside the boiler room that attaches a timber-framed laundry building. As a matter of fact, this respectable plan for a small guest house can be applied to a building which has a footprint of only 2.5 by 3.5 meters. Each building has formed section of a concealed dwelling. Recently, the bigger building had been transformed into a metal and wood workshop. Though, the smaller block (Brick House) has been revamped as a guest house.

As you can clearly see that the original red brickwork of this tiny guest house plan has been left exposed on both interior and exterior walls. On the other hand, the original wooden roof beams have been utilized to hold up a new loft-level bedroom. Christi Azevedo, founder of this studio, has included the glass mezzanine between the upper-level bedroom and ground-floor living space. She actually thinks that this move was very imperative with the small size of house or building.

Brick Tiny Guest House Extension Ideas

You can see the metal steps go up from the living room to the glass landing. There will be also a sleeping platform with double mattress surrounded by ply and walnut casework that sits off to the right. In terms of storage solution, you can easily find it behind the hinged headboards.

Brick Tiny Hoyse Exterior Design

Inside the kitchen, you will see a custom-built cabinets and dining table made from sanded acrylic. Additionally, these small guest house plans come with a stainless-steel worktop that fits into the lower rungs of a metal staircase. There is a sofa that stands at the foot of the stairs with wrinkled waxed-canvas coverings and a steel frame. The crumpled material can present a rustic appearance to the furniture as it has been designed to fit with the historic setting.

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