Start Living in Tiny House on Wheels

It is very obvious that the cost of living in a conventional house with a large size has become out of reach of most of our hands. This sad fact has led us to searching for a number of alternatives that come with more affordable prices. Living in tiny house on wheels has turned out to be a more preferable option compared to some other alternatives. Not only that living in this kind of tiny living space will cut the price of living quite largely, it also offers you many benefits. Living in tiny houses has become a new trend in our society. This is a part of tiny house movement that has been introduced a few years ago. Actually, we have been pretty familiar with many different forms of tiny houses. Living in a tiny house equipped with wheels is now emerging in many big cities on the planet including in Portland, Oregon.

You can find a number of tiny houses in Portland, Oregon and Roly Poly 80 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Hotel is one of them. Actually, this region is home to six tiny houses at caravan. With only 80 square feet, the tiny house with wheels has come up with 12 feet length, 6.66 feet width and 12.5 feet height. Surprisingly, such a narrow dimension can accommodate the life of 3 people inside comfortably.

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Start Living in Tiny House on Wheels

In life, we need to make some crucial decisions that might influence our entire life. Thus, before we actually make a major commitment, living in such a tiny space like a tiny home on wheels might be worth of trying. Many people are interested in staying in a tiny house the Roly Poly 80 Sq. Ft. before making a major decision or change in their life. Planning on spending your life in such a crowded and cramped space like a tiny house might not be a good idea especially when you already have a large family. Tiny house on wheels might become a perfect choice for a young family with one or two children only. Any larger family might not fit in such a tiny living space.

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