Strikingly Small Bathroom Storage Ideas You Need to Check Out Now!

Do you still do your toiletries keeping in a mess? Doesn’t have a sufficient space to set them properly? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Since we were just going to show you some of the interesting references about how to build small bathroom storage ideas for your own. Check them out.

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Vintage Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The idea is to use a worn-out wooden cabinet as a place to store all of your toiletries. It’s perfectly fit as a twist with your bathroom condition too flat in color.

In addition to using these old wood cabinets, you can also display open vault with pre-modernism stylized carvings. As an addition, employ rattan box to keep easily-oxidized materials. Put them around the toilet for an easy reach.

Classic Dark Brown Cabinets

Vertical closet with classic dark brown carvings is a highly compatible twist to the entirely-white walls and toiletries. When the closet is insufficient, use a shorter version of this cabinet, or square-shaped one that you can hang on the wall.

Vertical Storefront On the Wall

Using a platform attached to the bathroom’s wall surface, this display has lots of compartments to accommodate plenty of toiletries as well as accessories such as flower pots and candles.

Wall Cabinet

The cabinet is fused with the wall, vertically, with the door facing to the side area, leaving a wall on the outside (front). This front wall still can be utilized as a storefront, while you still have the deep compartment to accommodate more goods, despite its narrow width.

No-Lid Box On the Hanging Line

Instead of placing your towels on the hanging line, try to apply boxes to keep the whole toiletries, including folded towels and other draperies. You can save more space (and budgets) rather than having to buy a new wardrobe.

Platform Board Under Bathroom Sink

Take the advantage of the empty space under the bathroom sink to apply wood boards and putting your towels and other necessities there. If the space still fits beneath it, consider placing mini-sized cabinets on the floor. By this way, you’ve saved more space in the bathroom.

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Those are some of good ideas for applying your own version of our storage ideas for small bathroom. Do you have any interesting ideas on your own? Please let us know and share your opinion below.


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