Three-Story One Bedroom House Plans: Manipulating Visual House

Limited space can be the main matter for getting rid of the house although the house may be situated in the crowd city. People will think a way no-no for the house with limited space. The people do not even want to have the only one bedroom house plans. They will prefer to have the wide house where they are able to hire the furniture pieces they need. Yet, in the studio that was created by Kirkwood McCarthy will show you differently. It emphasizes the beauty of the narrow yard that has been manipulated to provide the space in which the people do not need any more space.

When you are doubt before entering the house since the house does not look as comfy as what provided inside the house, you will have the cozy feeling after the first step you are entering the house. The creator tends to have the house plans for one bedroom which our mind will describe it as the hectic, messy, and untidy house. It is because the same problem it has, limited space! This house used to be a common street that looks unattractive then finally it was extended. The angular roof can shape the house in artistic ways. The aim of this house is to blend the social life it has with the casual look.

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This planning of one bedroom house has high ceiling so that it does not look that cramped and hectic. Grabbing the usage of the traditional material such as the red brick with coping store and stone lintels, it balances the red color from the nearest surroundings. Combining the red brick and also the white walls, it builds the ambiance of the simple yet beautiful one bedroom house. The walnut stairs is able to blends the simplicity and modernity as one. The bedroom is in the open access covered by the glass door faces the 6 drawer chests in white color. It gives the access for the daylight to enter the bedroom. In the corner of the bedroom, the white bathtub snuggles in that adds the elegance wrapped in simplicity in these one bedroom house plans.

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Photos by: Tim Crocker

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