Live a Big Life in a Tumbleweed Tiny House

Living in conventional home with a large size and green yards at both side sides of the house is no longer everyone’s favorite. Many of us seem to show a greater interest in living in smaller spaces like tumbleweed tiny house. When some people are competing against their neighbors to come up with bigger and bigger houses, the rest of us actually see a smaller house as a great place to live in. Unlike living in a conventional home with a number of expensive bills we need to cover every month, living in a smaller space offers many benefits than just much cheaper monthly bills. The fact that tumbleweed house are now equipped with wheels has made it a more interesting option to many people.

With only 172 square feet width and 20 feet length, this tumbleweed mica tiny house comes on wheels. This feature is created to enhance the mobility of the small house. The wheels are located completely under the tiny house. This arrangement will make it a lot easier for us to install a sliding glass door. When you look at the outside of this tumbleweed house, you will find hot rolled steel finish. It is more likely to oxidize in the future. This will turn out to be a rustic addition to the appearance of the house. More importantly, this tiny living space is very easy to maintain and clean.

172 sq ft Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels Mica

Tips Tumbleweed Tiny House Interior Decoration

Tumbleweed Mica tiny house is well equipped with one level tiny house design. It has no upstairs sleeping loft. This would be a great option for those who do not like ladders and love to go tiny with their living space. This type of house can be purchased with $66,000 only. You might spend much less than that should you decide to tackle this tiny house on your own. When the cost of living in bigger houses constantly tend to increase significantly every year, tumbleweed tiny house come as a great alternative. This cute and tiny living space is also equipped with wheels to make it more mobile. There are many benefits that you can enjoy despite the smaller space available in the house.

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