This Two Bedroom House Looks Small From the Outside, But Look Inside You’ll be Amazed

A small yet comfortable home is definitely something that many would love to see. The designer responding to the ever-increasing population of the area has decided to build a home that is small but comfortable enough to live. This laneway house, one that is built in backyards, comes with some features which make it stand out among other homes. The laneway house is specifically designed to cope with the population density.

Designed by Smallworks Studios, people looking this house for the first time may think that the house is a miniature version of any traditional house that they have ever seen so far. While it is not wrong, there are some differences offered by this laneway house. First things first, it includes simple landscaping, making the area feel like home.

Living in this house, you can expect a new atmosphere, something that you won’t get in the traditional house. One thing that is for sure is, those living in this house won’t lack in the modern creature comforts. This can be surprising as you can see how every detail can fit into 670 square feet of space. As you are exploring the area, you can see that the home consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The home also includes a living room, a kitchen, and a study. Well, for a small home, it has everything that you need with the availability of an additional bedroom.

2 Bedoom Small House Exterior Design

One area that we find it very surprising is that the kitchen is very impressive. The first thing we can see here is that the kitchen has some attractive furniture. It can house all necessary appliances that you need. Some of these appliances include a freezer and a fridge. Other appliances include a microwave, a sink, and also a dishwasher. What makes it more attractive is that the kitchen still provides some space for cabinets and a pantry.

Small Living Room With Square Ottoman Coffee Table and Wall Mount TV

When it comes to discussing about its decor, the home looks so great, the home is neutral. For those wanting to live in a traditional home that is easy to maintain, this one would be a great choice. In other words, it can be very ideal for those wanting a subtler, more traditional style for their house. Don’t forget to share this beautiful home to others, let them know about this small home and see how they react!

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Sources: Smallworks Studios

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